Using Diigo to Enhance Your PLN

diigoLOGO Edublog Challenge #7 was to Use Diigo as part of your PLN.  I had heard about Diigo during the TCEA-Technology Conference in Austin, TX and from several blog posts but had not used it.  So I created a Diigo account – and yes it did take two days to get my account activation email – so be patient!  I started by connecting my twitter account to Diigo so that my favorite tweets will automatically post to Diigo – WOW – that’s a great start to bookmarking.  Then I joined several groups : ebchallenge, Classroom 2.o, EdTech, and Google in Education.  I thought that this would give me a good start.  I will apply for my Diigo Education Upgrade so I can add student accounts.  I’m looking forward to using Diigo with my students for research and annotations!

Here is a great link to Diigo Rocks! by Sheri Edwards – very helpful in building Diigo

4 thoughts on “Using Diigo to Enhance Your PLN

  1. Hi Lisa, I’m glad you have discovered Diigo. Thanks for the link to my blog post on Diggo. I’d also like to point you to Tracy Watanabe’s post on using Diigo as a student portfolio. I plan to read her ideas and adapt them. I was wondering what you thought of this idea?

  2. Hi Lisa,
    I found that there was a bit of a learning curve to using Diigo because of all it has to offer, and I’m still learning new tricks and tips! The nice thing is, you have so many people to go to for help! Sheri has been a fabulous help to me and Theresa Allen has many tips as well.
    I’m so glad you are giving it a try!
    Kind regards,

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